3 ways to target and retain the right customers

Businesses all over the world are paying a considerable amount of attention to online presence. Purchases of all sizes are being made online. So, if you have a business, it is important to stretch your presence in the digital world. However, the idea should be to focus on specific demographics of customers. Targeting the right prospects is necessary to convert them into leads. CRM software goes a long way in identifying this base. All you have to do is collect crucial data via surveys, forms and events and render it through the analytics tool of your CRM. Read on to know the right way to target and retain the right buyer base.

Identify and develop on your target customer

Frame a fictional representation of your typical customer. If your company sells formal/business clothing aimed primarily at fresh adults, it is safe to assume that they are a part of an urban, upmarket, millennial culture. Identify the ideals and business principles that this group relates to, and incorporate them in your business model. The necessary information can be gathered using short surveys. It is important to offer incentives, so that you can have credible information. Surveys are great because not only do they provide demographic information, but ideas for blog posts and social media updates.

Keep a track of rivals’ activity

Your rivals could be doing better at marketing and leads conversion currently. This is why you need to be aware of their practices. Even otherwise, broadening your knowledge base is a good idea. Follow them on social media, read their content closely, and pay frequent visits to their websites. What you can do for successful customer targeting and retention is:

  1. Use keywords to target followers on social media. This works by way of targeting people based on who they follow. You can even add additional targeting areas like interests, tailored audiences, and so on.
  2. Engaging the customers of your competitors is a smart idea. Social media has additional tools to create prototypes of your ideal audience. You can customize the particulars of the audience.
  3. Visiting rival businesses’ blogs is advised. Be sure to read the popular posts and the discussions that follow, carefully. Use similar keywords for your own blog posts and engage your prospects in the same way.

Purchase and install an efficient CRM

There is no more excuses to avoid CRM. It is important to have a centralised and an easy access to the updated database of a company’s prospects, leads, and existing customers to all sales and marketing staff. An efficient CRM software performs all these functions easily, besides providing even more insightful information. Across industries, CRM is the best way to optimize and analyze relationships with customers. CRM systems organize crucial customer information in a number of areas. Efficient CRM software will keep customer interactions updated, no matter what the mode of interaction.

It will also be able to prioritise these interactions and respond accordingly to any changes. This is necessary in order to know which prospects to retain and which ones to let go. While purchasing CRM software for your business, be sure that its processes are user-friendly and real time, and it delivers industry-specific reports.

If you would like to learn more about how a CRM software made in Singapore (Quickdesk) can help your business with the above functions do drop us an inquiry!

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