How to use CRM to target Gen Y customers

Also known as the millennials, Generation Y is those born between the early 1980s and mid-2000s. Gen Y customers are tech-savvy and can be fickle minded. Their buying behaviour is a mystery that most marketers seek to understand.

Gen Y represents a large percentage of Singapore’s population. According to the latest statistics from HR consultant firm Aon Hewitt, they account for 22 percent of Singapore’s total workforce. Quite evidently, you – as a marketer – cannot afford to ignore Gen Y customers. In fact, depending on the nature of your business, millennials could be your target customers with the greatest potential.

Thankfully, there are ways to target Gen Y using the CRM software. Here are some useful tips.

Gather information about their social media profiles

If you want to target Gen Y customers with your CRM software, simply collecting names, phone numbers and other general information of your customers is not enough. Unlike the previous generation, millennials are very active on social media platforms. They share their views and voice their concerns on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Before making purchase decisions, they will compare products online and ask for recommendations on social sites. If you can collect the social media details of your Gen Y customers and analyse them using CRM, you can gain deeper insight into their buying behaviours.

Practical tip: You can ask your sales staff to gather information about their social media profiles. For instance, you can collect and enter the Facebook addresses of your prospects into the CRM system, so that you can track their social media activities and plan marketing campaigns for them.

Conduct real-time analysis

Simplified CRM software, such as QuickDesk, comes with advanced features including real-time monitoring. You can call your customers directly via your CRM, have your calls recorded and monitor your clients in real time.

While you can use this real-time CRM analysis to target customers of any age group, this strategy works best for Gen Y customers, as they are more likely to use multiple devices when making purchase decisions. For instance, a Gen Y customer can visit your website using their desktop computer, call your customer care executive from their Smartphone, and chat with another sales representative on their tablet – all within 24 hours. With real-time monitoring via CRM, you can track all of the information shared by the customer at every contact point and analyse it to gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s buying behaviour. And this is the right way of targeting and retaining the right customers. By following them closely.

Track interactions to provide better customer service

As mentioned, CRM software lets you track interactions between your customer and sales representative. Using this information, you can gain deeper insight into the buying behaviours and preferences of your Gen Y customers. Once you know their likes and dislikes, you can tailor your customer service to suit them. Remember, excellent customer service is a prerequisite to winning repeat business from Gen Y customers – they hate delays in responses and value companies that provide exceptional customer service.

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