Top reasons to integrate CRM with marketing automation tools

Marketing automation is the latest marketing trend. It allows your business to automate important marketing tasks, including list management, web analytics, multi-channel promotion and email marketing.

While more businesses are using marketing automation, not all of them are integrating it with their customer relationship management (CRM) systems. In fact, some companies expect their CRM to do most of the marketing automation tasks. However, unlike marketing automation, CRM systems generally do not provide end-to-end automated services.

To get the best of both worlds, you should integrate your CRM and marketing automation systems. Here’s why:

They complement each other

To obtain more customers, you need to generate and nurture leads. Automating the process would help boost your efficiency, and this is possible with a successful integration of your CRM software and marketing automation. CRM helps gather customer data, while marketing automation extracts valuable business intelligence insights from this data.

Strengthen relationships with potential customers – even before they make a purchase

It takes weeks or months to turn a prospect into a customer. During that time, you need to keep in touch with your prospects and engage them with useful content. It is also important for sales people to enter useful information about their prospect into the CRM system. While CRM helps you identify your potential customers, marketing automation can help you strengthen the relationship with your prospects during the early stages of a buying process.

Identifies good leads

Not all leads eventually become customers. With integrated CRM and marketing automation tools, you can rank your leads in order of their potential.

Here’s how it works: marketing automation can analyse customer data collected by the CRM software and assign scores to every lead. You can then prioritise your sales leads by ranking them in order of importance. With this information, your sales team can convert the leads with the most potential first.

Send customised messages

When you integrate your CRM with marketing automation, it will help you run personalised marketing campaigns. Your customers are more likely to respond to a customised message than a generic one. With CRM, your marketing team can get the relevant information to create customised messages easily, without having to spend hours on the process.

Shorten the sales cycle

Time is money for any business. With marketing automation tools, you can analyse your CRM data and find ways to obtain new customers more efficiently. By shortening the sales cycle, your business can boost profit significantly.

Improves business decisions

By integrating marketing automation and CRM software, you can measure the results of your various marketing efforts, leverage these insights and channel resources well to make more informed business decisions.

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