Enterprise Sales Meetup (B2B Sales Techniques) – Key Takeaway Points

Last Wednesday, the Enterprise Sales Meetup brought together three panelists from the enterprise sales industry to share on their B2B Sales techniques. The theme of the night was on “Selling to the C-Suite” and here are the key learning points from the speakers:


1. Be Authentic, Build Trust and Support

Rosalina Chai

Rosalina shared the importance of being authentic, as “the messenger may sometimes be as important as the message“. This is because the key decision makers are not only looking at the quality of the product, but of the salesperson themselves.

She shares her own experience of being a C-level executive herself and explained that she would rather delegate the buying decision to the unit head (key decision maker for the specific issue).  She also mentions that C-level executives tend to be older in age, and thus instead of selling them on the specific details of the technology, it would be wiser to sell a vision of what the product or service can do for their company.

In addition, it is important to build trust and rapport with the people that you meet, so that they are willing to overlook small slip-ups and instead listen to you and learn more about your product.

2. Map out Customer Behaviour and the Buying Process

Aju Marjani

Aju spent 16 years doing enterprise sales, and he too emphasizes the importance of human relationships, placing it above systems, processes and products in terms of importance.

In the past, after gaining experience in selling a product, one can map out a buying cycle of a customer and track where the leads are at a current point in time, as well as whether they should continue following up with the lead.

However, in the digital era, information about different products and services are readily available, and potential customers’ behaviours have also changed. They may want to look into competitors’ products, or do more research on their own, and that adds to the complexity of the buying cycle.

3. Tailor Your B2B Sales Pitch

It is important to bear in mind 3 points in any B2B sales situation:

  1. The problems or issues the company faces

    • Seek to understand the problem that they are facing
    • Note down their pain points and explain how your product can be the solution
  2. The context of the organization

    • There are many stakeholders involved in deciding on and implementing a solution
    • Thus it is critical to have buy-in from these people as well
  3. What sales content is communicated at each level

    • Be aware that reaching the C level is not critical to making a successful sale.
    • Connecting with the stakeholders and committee involved in the issue can be sufficient to close a sale


4. How does one win a C-level executive to your side?

Joaquin (Jack) Arambulo

It is important to seize an opportunity to connect with C-level executives when given the chance. They can help make your sales process smoother, and in addition, give you an advantage over competitors who have not made a connection to a board member.

Jack gave a few key B2B sales tips:

  • Ask questions and listen instead of giving statements.
  • Focus on the value that you can bring
  • Sell the vision of the product or service

In conclusion, the key factors of conducting B2B sales is to understand that C-level executives are not the be all and end all of the enterprise sales process, and that it is important to connect with the other stakeholders in the company and help them solve their problems. Doing this can also lead to a successful sale.

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