How to Use CRM to improve your marketing strategy

While CRM is basically a sales tool, it can also be used to strengthen your marketing strategy. If you want to increase sales your already stagnant sales, you first need to improve your marketing. With the CRM software, you can monitor your customers’ behaviour through different stages of the sales cycle. This helps you design a customer-focused strategy for your next marketing campaign.

Here are four ways you can use CRM to improve your marketing strategy.


Identifying gaps in sales cycle

CRM helps you measure the impact of each marketing activity in your sales cycle. You can find out when a lead turned into a prospect and how long it took for the sales team to convince the prospect to finally make a purchase. This information helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your existing marketing campaigns, especially the gaps in your sales cycle. Once you identify the gaps in the sales process where most of your leads or prospects lose interest, you can take the necessary steps to keep your prospects more engaged at those stages of your sales cycle.


Sending personalized messages

It is important to divide your customer base into segments and obtain customer data for each segment. As your business grows, it becomes much more difficult to maintain a structured database of each customer segment. Advanced CRM solutions like QuickDesk help you organize and segment your database according to the information that has been entered by your sales team. Without proper segmentation of your customer data, you may end up sending a generic message to all customer groups. With CRM, you can collect and segregate customer data into different segments. This helps you send personalized messages to your prospects, which improves your marketing effectiveness.

For instance, you can use CRM to find out whether top-level management professionals respond more frequently to e-books or newsletters. For each customer segment, you can also find out which of your marketing activities are the most effective and use these insights to plan your next marketing campaign.


Tracking ROI of your marketing campaigns

When you have a limited budget for marketing, you need to make sure that the amount spent on each of your marketing campaigns is well utilized to produce results. It is difficult to measure results without a system in place to track your ROI. With CRM software, you can monitor the results for each of your marketing campaigns and check whether they are generating enough returns. If not, you should revise your marketing strategy accordingly to boost the effectiveness of your campaigns.


Allocating budget for marketing campaigns

Without tracking and reviewing results, you may end up allocating too many resources to campaigns that do not generate adequate returns. Allocating budget for your marketing campaigns is not an easy task. You need to have a clear picture of which marketing activities creating maximum results and which are underperforming. By using CRM software, you can gain a clearer view on the performance of your campaigns, and can then make an informed decision about how to allocate your resources to various campaigns.

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