Top reasons businesses should adopt mobile CRM

Singapore has the highest internet penetration rate of 80 percent in South East Asia and it has the fastest mobile penetration rate of 152 percent throughout the world. It is no wonder that such a tech-savvy country is leading by examples when it comes to utilising mobile CRM. If your business is using conventional CRM software, it is time to go mobile. That way, you can get access to real-time customer data anytime and anywhere. Here are some major reasons why you should take the mobile CRM leap.

More productivity

Using mobile CRM is a chance for you to increase your productivity. Think about it. Your salespersons will get access to CRM around the clock and from any location as long as they are connected to the internet. Does that not help them to be more productive? Now, they can use the multimedia and search features of CRM software whenever and wherever they want. They can quickly check details about a customer in their mobile phones or tablets before interacting with the customer. Knowing more about a customer would help your sales team to sell more. That brings us to the next benefit of using mobile CRM.

More sales

According to a recent survey among sales managers, around 75 percent of the respondents said that they noticed an increase in sales after using mobile CRM. If not for anything else, you should use mobile CRM for getting more sales.

Access to real-time data

Some companies allow their employees to work from home. Also, most salespersons or marketing professionals today need to work away from the office at least for some hours almost daily. When someone is working away from office, they may not have the latest customer information. They would have access to the information only after returning to the office. With mobile CRM, you do not have this issue. You can integrate the mobile CRM with cloud and hence get instant access to real-time customer data.

Faster delivery

Another benefit of using this mobile tool is that it helps improve your turnaround time for delivery. For instance, let’s say a salesperson receives an order on the go, earlier he would have to reach office or make a call to inform the production or delivery department about the new order. Now they can just enter the information in mobile CRM software, and the messages go immediately to the delivery team. That way, you can save a lot of time and expedite the delivery process.

A step towards mobile workforce

With more and more companies in Singapore shifting to a mobile workforce, mobile CRM could be a useful tool for most businesses. With simplified CRM software like QuickDesk available on iTunes and Play Store, the business now can allow more employees to work from home or on the go. This would also help business save money on office rents and related expenses. Also, employees who are working for your company from home may fall into the category of freelancers, which would help evade employment taxes to a large extent.

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