How CRM apps can improve your business

Most businesses in Singapore still operate CRM on their desktop computers. If you are doing the same, you are not maximising the power of your CRM software. To make the best use of your CRM, you need to use it on your mobile device. All you need is to download a CRM app on your Smartphone or tablet. That way, you can access, collect, and analyse customer data on the go from almost anywhere. Take a look at how you can use CRM apps to improve your business, from building brand loyalty or even increasing your stagnant sales.

Improves customer service

Today’s customers are busy. Customers expect quick and excellent service from your sales executives. With CRM apps, your salespeople can respond to the customer immediately, in real time. Moreover, they can access customer data instantly on their mobile device, using CRM apps. This means that they have instant access to relevant customer information that can help them provide a better customer experience.

Improves data accuracy

Maintaining CRM data accuracy is a challenge for many businesses. The main cause for data errors stems from not entering customer data in real time. If your sales team is not connected with the CRM round the clock, they will not be able to enter customer data into the system when they are working on the go. They will probably keep hand-written notes and later update the data into the system from office. This process is time-consuming and increases the likelihood of data errors. Thankfully, CRM apps help resolve this problem. With CRM, your salespeople can enter and update customer information in real time, which reduces the scope for inaccurate data entry.

Boosts productivity

Mobile CRM apps allow for more flexibility. Now your sales and marketing team can utilise the dead time minutes if they want. For instance, they can analyse customer data while waiting at the airport, during lunch breaks, meetings, and even while returning home from the office. There is no need to wait until you reach the office because you have easy access to data anytime. Advanced CRM apps like QuickDesk allow you to gather, organise, and update client information within seconds.    You can set goals, track activity, import or export contacts, and create invoices quickly and easily. All these help boost your productivity.

Improves collaboration

CRM software has been very effective in collecting and analysing customer data for better decision making. Now with the use of CRM apps, you can move a step further in that direction. Your managers can know what is going on the field. They can track activities of sales and marketing executives, assign new tasks, get reports – all in the real time. This helps improve collaboration among your team members.

If you want to make the most of mobile CRM, consider using the right CRM app. Simplified solutions like QuickDesk available on iTunes and Play store, allow you to get the best benefits of CRM.

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