How to improve your CRM System

If you are spending a large amount on your CRM software but are still not getting the desired results, you need to review the issues that could be affecting your results. It could be that your sales staff is reluctant to use CRM. Or perhaps, you are not using the latest CRM features. Another possibility is that you are not tapping the full potential of mobile CRM. In fact, there could be many reasons as to why your company is failing to make the most of CRM. Here are some useful tips on how to improve your CRM system.

Integrate CRM across internal departments

One common mistake most companies make is that they integrate CRM only with the sales department. Besides sales, other departments should have access to your CRM system as well. In fact, anyone who deals with customer data should be linked to your CRM system. That way, you will ensure that every department is kept updated on the latest customer data. For instance, your front office executives should have the latest information about potential and existing customers, including the stage that they are at in the buying cycle and whether they are following your newsletter. Without the latest information on how a potential customer is interacting with your sales team or the current stage of the sales cycle that they are at, your front office employees may fail to engage them, missing out on an opportunity to turn the prospect into a customer.

Train your employees

Simply investing in a costly CRM tool is not enough. You need to make sure your employees know how to use it. To that end, you should organise CRM training sessions regularly. Train your salespeople, new hires, managers and other staff in using the CRM software. One method would be to identify your tech-savvy employees and provide CRM training to them first. After they have mastered the necessary skills, they can help to teach other employees in their team. For best results, opt for simplified CRM software like QuickDesk that is easy to use and saves time on training.

Use the latest features

If you want to improve your CRM system, consider using the latest CRM features. Many companies, despite having an advanced CRM tool, fail to make the most of all its special features. Invest in seamless, intuitive technology. For instance, QuickDesk comes with advanced features, such as Real Time Calling and Auto Dialing, Automated Activity Tracker, and Do Not Call (DNC) filtering. You can also create invoices, set reminders for leads, and keep track of your leads. Some CRM software even allows you to schedule appointments with clients from Google calendar or send invites.

Integrate with social media

It is also important to integrate your CRM with social networking platforms. It will help you in finding details about a prospect’s social media activities. For instance, if you have your prospect’s email address, you can easily find all their social media profiles and read their posts. This helps you gain knowledge of the likes, dislikes and buying behaviour of the prospect. Eventually, this will guide you in devising a more effective marketing strategy and increase sales.

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