4 Common Mobile CRM Mistakes You should Avoid

Mobile CRM helps your sales team access customer data anytime and anywhere. With greater insights from data, they can make better-informed decisions and close more sales deals. However, if you want to unleash the true potential of mobile CRM, simply loading the software on your salespeople’s mobile devices would not suffice. You need to ensure that they are proficient and are actively using the system to improve their performance. While more companies in Singapore are adopting mobile CRM software, many make some common mistakes in implementing it. Here are four common mistakes to avoid.

1. Not providing the necessary training to salespeople

There is no point investing hundreds of dollars on mobile CRM if your sales team does not know how to use it. You should provide adequate training to your sales representatives to reap the results from your efforts. Mobile CRM tends to be less complicated than desktop CRM, however, your salespeople would still need training. This will guide them in using the special features, knowing how to import or export customer data and track metrics, among other functions. Besides conducting training sessions, you should distribute user manuals and other helpful guidebooks or documents to support your sales team in learning how to use mobile CRM.

2. Not using mobile metrics

Simplified mobile CRM applications such as QuickDesk allow you to measure the success of your CRM campaign using different metrics. As mobile analytics is capable of making accurate predictions, it can play a key role in guiding important business decisions. Using mobile metrics allows you to track customer retention rates, conversion rates, sales cycle periods and other important metrics that would help you make timely and well-informed decisions.

3. Not choosing a simplified product

When choosing CRM software for use on mobile devices, you should consider whether it is user-friendly. Some products are equipped with unnecessary and complex features, which will lead to your salespeople taking weeks to learn how to use the software. Some of them may fail to adopt it despite giving them adequate training. You need to choose a product that is easy to use and has only the necessary features that you require. It is always a good idea to choose an application that is feature-rich but not feature-heavy. For instance, Quickdesk is available on mobile and provides all the required features to help your sales team drive sales productivity, including importing and exporting contacts, setting goals and tracking activity, real-time calling, and recorded history and automated activity tracker.

4. Ignoring security challenges

It is extremely important to choose a secured CRM system as security risks are higher on mobile platforms. To that end, you should take some important steps. For instance, you should always keep your files encrypted and use a strong password to protect your device from hacking attempts. If necessary, seek advice from experts on how to ensure 100 percent security while using mobile CRM.

If you can avoid the above mistakes, mobile CRM can benefit your business more than you could imagine.

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