Key Challenges for CRM Marketers and How to Deal with them

Making the most of your CRM system is challenging. And the challenges keep changing with time. However, the larger goals most CRM marketers want to achieve remain more or less the same. For instance, most companies use CRM software to collect, organize, and analyze customer data, so to help make the job of their sales and marketing teams easier. However, with the data collection system getting more complicated, marketers today may face new problems when it comes to using the data to achieve important sales goals. Let’s take a look at the key challenges for CRM marketers and how they should deal with the challenges.

Too much data

Customer relationship management software helps you monitor customer interactions on a number of marketing channels. For instance, you can keep track of your customers’ activities on social media platforms, and find out how much time they are spending on your website, what they are buying, etc. However, how to use this data to your advantage is the real challenge. Too much data, if not organized well, can actually create more confusion. As a marketer, you should find a way to weed out bad leads from the good ones. That’s the challenge here. One solution could be to use simplified CRM software like QuickDesk that lets you turn data into organized client information. You can find out information about a customer’s buying behavior in different stages of a sales cycle. This insight may help you identify good leads and put more focus on them.

Collaborating sales and marketing

While your marketing team is busy making more people interested in your products and services, your sales team is busy in turning your prospects into actual customers. Because both teams are busy, they hardly get time to follow what the other team is doing. But, marketing and sales complement each other. If you do not integrate them, your overall performance may suffer. CRM software provides you the tools to collaborate both teams, but you need to take the steps to integrate. You can overcome this challenge by giving them access to a single dashboard where both can see each other’s progress. For instance, your sales team can see how many leads your marketing team has generated so far. On the other hand, your marketing executives can find out which prospects are finally buying and which are not buying. More importantly, they can see this in real time. That way, you can integrate your sales and marketing teams and bring more transparency into the system. This eventually helps improve you sales and marketing efficiency.

Incorrect data

Imagine the consequences of business decisions taken based on incorrect, outdated data! It is very important to make sure your customer data is 100 percent correct and updated. However, this is not an easy task, because customers are changing locations, jobs, and phone numbers constantly. To prevent wrong, outdated data from entering into your CRM software, you need to have a system in place for validation. You can use data cleansing tools or conduct manual checks from time to time, for best results.


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